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Adam's Wheel Woolies Premium Wheel Cleaning Tools

An awesome tool to have in your cleaning supplies is our NEW "Wheel Woolies", but a question that gets asked is what sets ours apart from 'the other guys woolies'?

In a word "MORE"... we took an already great tool and improved them! More wool, denser fiber packing, larger and/or longer handles.
Each woolie has been tweaked to give you better performance, more cleaning options, and the same great durability backed by the Adam's 110% satisfaction guarantee!

I love these things, they have so many uses for cleaning they'll quickly become one of your favorite items.

Adam's Wheel Woolies Premium Wheel Cleaning Tools
  • High Quality Wool Fibers Clean Safely
  • Long Flexible Handles for Tight Spaces
  • Variety of Sizes Included
  • Made in the USA!

With the variety of sizes and designs on todays wheels finding a solution that will work for your car can be difficult. High performance brakes and tight clearances around wheels, fenders, and other areas of your car can mean cleaning becomes difficult. Thanks to Adam's New Wheel Woolies Wheel Cleaning Tools you'll have more options than ever when it comes to cleaning your car!

Made from ultra high quality, densely packed, wool fibers each Adam's Wheel Woolie is safe for all delicate surfaces, yet still durable enough to clean tough areas like fender linings, brake calipers, and deep inside the hoop of your custom wheels! The long, high strength, flexible shafts are metal free and extremely durable.

Use Adam's Wheel Woolie Wheel Cleaning Tools to take on the inner hoop of your wheels to give them that like new look. Have a large performance braking system with low clearance to the wheel? No problem! The medium and small Adam's Wheel Woolies compress nicely to fit into almost any tight space for safe and effective cleaning.

You'll also love the Adam's Wheel Woolies around your cars grill, exhaust tip, or any other area where traditional cleaning isn't easy. Simply soak the thick wool tips with your preferred soap or cleaner for the job and use the variety of sizes to clean anywhere on your vehicle.

Best of all, they're MADE IN THE USA and backed with Adam's unconditional 110% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Large = 1/2" x 18" shaft, 3.5" x 6" wool head.
Medium = 1/2" x 18" shaft, 2" x 5" wool head.
Small = 1/4" x 8" shaft, 1" x 3" wool head.

Some side-by-side comparison shots for a visual.


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