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Originally Posted by camarocrazy28 View Post
Just think, one day there is going to be an earthquake and all those tree hugging, tofu farting, a-holes are going to fall into the ocean!
Hey now, easy there - I'm glad to be in a state that I don't have to garage my rear-wheel drive vehicle because of snow

(Also, I've never hugged a tree, don't fart tofu - just gas, and am not an a-hole but a loveable scamp )

Originally Posted by Raven View Post
So, what if Jay Leno is cruisin' around in one of his rides?
I rode his ass up the local twisties once - he just wasn't going fast enough

Anyway, with all of the insane, wild-hair driving I do there should be a lot more tickets than I have acquired. The media blows everything WAY out of proportion (don't tell me you don't already know that ), so try to take the "reports" with a grain of salt.

And quit bashing on my damn state!! Don't make me come and find you
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