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Track > 1/4 Mile
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Originally Posted by Can't_C_Me View Post
Sounds like what I had going on for a little bite. It most likely that since you are running more power you need a retune. Your MAF maybe over loaded and needs Vince to retune. Or pull your MAF and spray it down with some cleaner it could be dirty. And check your vac. lines.
Yeah the thing is, it has gotten progressively worse as I drove it. So I feel like it isn't the tune.. But maybe it is? I'm thinking it might be a busted MAF (I HOPE) or a line that has come lose. I just pray it isn't a timing chain.. There is a noise that is coming from around the oil filter area. However I recall hear it faintly when I picked the car up, so I assumed it was nothing since Tracy and RX still had it.
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