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And for my next redneck temp fix.................. Home made ......... sway bar bushing........ inserts to the bushings ...... thingys.

(No duct tape)


Ok, first.......... Out with the old, and in with the new and improved.

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Here you can see the only difference in the new LCAs is the hole for the new links made possible by just narrowing the cross member.

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So on to my redneck bushing insert ..... thingys........ for takin up space....

Here you can see that the Pfadt bracket and bushings are not gonna play together well with the Pedders bar.

I love Pete's approach in using stock parts as much as possible. It assures you always have what you need. I tossed my brackets a while back. And now switching is a pain.

So I'm getting brackets asap, BUT, I have to drive my car to Baton Rouge tomorrow..... well, today actually...... and have to have the car aligned first thing. Not gonna have time to get the brackets. So I made my .....

*again, this is only for a day*

*one day*

I know I shouldn't say anything,
why do I keep doing this?


Of course the Peddes are in red.

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Ok. So I now had to solve the problem of how to keep the bar centered the best it can since the narrower bushings were going to allow the bar to slide. Don't really want the bar to slide too much because it binds one end link when it does. I checked to make sure that even if it did the bar would not hit my canister on my coil overs.

So I put another ring of tape on the bar and cut the roll of tape in half down the middle and thickened up the sides by the flanges to the top to stop most movement.

*again ........ just for a day*

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