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Originally Posted by Can't_C_Me View Post
Yes like Tracy said on our first test run I busted my original MAF lol (by the way I'm Cisco). And my replacement that I have now will need replacing soon also. So I don't doubt that it's your MAF. Mine is starting to idle a little rough and will need replacing soon also. I will post a picture soon of why I think they go bad after forcing so much air. We definitely need a redesign. I'm thinking this is a draw back of boosting over 4-5psi's. Because with my Torque app I am able to read my air flow and before upping to 6psi's things were nice. At 6psi's Vince has told me that it's the MAF being maxed out also. But he can still tune it. Just takes a few tries.
This is reassuring in the sense that it sounds similar to what has happened to me. It started about 170 miles south of Tallahassee, just a rough idle and a misfire going up a hill. But then it got worse to the point of where my car was going up a large hill (rpms were building) and the engine died. It wouldn't start until I changed my spark plugs (which were nasty) but even after that it ran very very rough. So its possible the MAF was going bad which resulted in unnecessary fuel being added which ruined my spark plugs (someone want to confirm?)

I'll take it easy going home and try not to build much boost and possibly ruin another MAF and be stranded in the middle of no where.

Cisco, how did your car act right before the MAF went out?
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