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June 16th 2012

we left the house this morning about 10:45, the wife had left her car keys at her Moms the day before so first we had to run by there to get them. We decided to go the long way down I-81 to Knoxville then up I-75. About a mile before we got to the I-81/I-40 split road construction held us up for about 30 minutes. not a good start ugh.
We then made our way through Tennessee and into Kentucky. We stopped a couple times at rest areas to use the facilities and eat a snack. after we got past Lexington and headed towards Cincinatti we decided to stop about 20 miles from Cincinatti to eat supper at a Steak and Shake, we also filled up with gas, averaging 29.4 MPG. We then got a room at a Holiday Inn Express in Richwood, KY. This is where we are now.
Here are a few pictures my wife took along the way today.
End of part 2.
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