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Originally Posted by LBV View Post
I think this too is a great idea! A handful of G8 owners have replaced their full diff assemblies with the Camaro ones (it fits apparently).

Having a GXP I already have a 3.70 rear-end but I wonder if the 3.91 would make a noticeable difference??? Anyone moved up .21 or so care to comment?

Also, why not go with the supposedly better 4.11 from Richmond instead of the 4.10?

Thank you for your input! Yes, the G8 is built on the same (Zeta) platform as the new Camaro and as a result can accept a few of the same parts from the 5th gen.

As far as the swap from a 3.70 to a 3.90 goes, the gains will not be felt as much obviously as say a 3.42 to a 3.90 or 4.10/11. However, if you have a cam, or other power adding modifications, a lower gear ratio will always compliment them nicely and get those heavy cars moving. Why is the GXP so much fun to drive? 3.70 gears! It's one of the BEST things you can do on these cars.

The 4.10's are readily available for install. We will look into the 4.11s.

We appreciate your enthusiasm and interest in this special!
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