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Originally Posted by MrGood View Post
Sweet. Great outlook! Cause I plan on giving those pins a try haha. You've got a lot of cosmetic stuff that I think is awesome once I'm done with my performance I might get into the cosmetic aspect of mine some more. As of right now for cosmetic all I've gots powder coated wheels and a bunch of vinyl and plasti dip. 350$ total lol. But damn did it do wonders IMO.

You plan on upping the performance of yours or no? Dunno if I would if I had a sick bike. Cause it still wouldn't be as fun as the bike.
Ya man your car is going to be killer with that supercharger. I cant wait to see that and hear it.

And, yes im going to do a lot more performance mods once my warranty is up. I have a injen longtube CAI right now and with the t2 ports I can feel quite a difference but thats still pretty small of a HP increase., but I eventually want to get twin turbos. Just need that warranty to run its course. Thats why ive been so focused on cosmetic mods.
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