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Originally Posted by Gary B View Post
It WILL be quicker than mid 9's! The Stangs have hit the 8's and Chevys not playing second fiddle...give it time.
Originally Posted by Swacer View Post
Mid 9s is a bad thing? I'd like to see your car do it. 90k isn't bad at all for a factory built class car. It was built for NHRA and IHRA stock and super stock.

On a side note....
As for the fords going in the 8s....that's irrelevant unless they are running the same class. Overall everyone seems to forget that in stock and super stock you are running as far under your index as you can give ln the constraints of the class. Educate yourself on how class racing works before you claim the COPO is slow
Both spot on! COPO is not mess'n round!!!!
.....2012/14 COPO #33....427, 1.31 60' ....9.39@143......
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