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Originally Posted by KJS View Post
The car is great, its everything and more than I was expecting. But, in the 5 days and 550 miles since I picked it up from the dealer I've had the following "gremlins" (not the AMC ones) creep up.

The trunk lid occasionally refuses to open. When using the inside trunk release (on the drivers side door) and both the remotes, it just makes a clicking noise for as long as you hold the open buttons down. Had to pull down the back seat, crawl into the trunk, pull the emergency trunk release lever and push up the trunk lid to get it opened. Almost happened again today, but after several times pushing the trunk release on the remote it opened. Tried it about 20 more times, no problem. Sprayed a bit of silcone spray on the lock/catch mechanism. (BTW there is no "key entry" for the trunk, only electromechanical). Will keep an eye on it and report back to you and if necessary the dealer (but have a feeling its one of those things where it will never happen at the dealer).

Yesterday after washing it, I opened both drivers side and passenger windows and then tried closing them. Drivers side kept going up half way and then cycling back down. Tried it several times, same thing. Checked so see if there was something blocking its travel in the tracks, nothing. Tried it again, same thing. Tried to push down on the window as it was going up to see if it was perhaps an overly sensitive safety feature and it went right up. No problem on the passenger side. NOTE: If there is safety feature to stop the window from going all the way up if there is resistance it doesn't work. Almost took my hand off!.

Yes I realize its new and a new model and there will be things like this and others that will come up. Thought I'd put this out there to see if others are having other "growing pains" with their cars.
Considering the window and trunk are both electrical issues, I would bring it to the dealer immediately. Little stuff happens on a first year model, BUT, those are generic appliances... all chevys have windows and trunks.. that should not happen.
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