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Originally Posted by 2Muchmark View Post
Unfortunately you're right. I am HATING my camaro purchase experience. I plopped down $20k 4 months ago and have received Sweet A all from everyone at GM and the dealer about my car.

Now what? Cables are melting? Brakes need weights to be balanced? Window indexing issues? Leaking trunks?

I know we're all Camaro entusiasts here but my THRILL at grabbing this puppy has long gone. I'll be test driving this week (Mustangs, Chargers, 300z's, and 1-2 others and if I find a car that fits me, I'm buying it and driving it to my dealer and demanding my money back. (Let me know if anyone wants pics)
Think of the poor souls who are waiting to get a year old one to save some money
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