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Well finally installed my APEX scoop and washer bottle. All I got say is oy veiy. From before jacking the car up and until the end it took me 3 hours. I had to use the lame jack that came with the spare. Other than jacking up the car everything was easy as far as taking apart everything. But I guess that is how everything is. I used a hex key to take off the screws on the wheel liner (idk what size sorry) Well once it came time to install the scoop that is where I ran into problems. I did not have a dremel to cut the plastic part. I had to you a razorblade and some hose cutters (idk exactly what those sharp plier things are called.) Well when I manage to do that I had a little trouble mounting the dam scoop. Once that was done next I attached the bottle. Had a little hard time reaching some of the bolts but I managed to get it attaced. Next I had to find a place to mount the opening. I didn't really want to drill into my roto-fab box but I had to choice. So I ended up attaching to the side right where the old washer bottle opening was. One thing I noticed is the first is that the car def responds better now.* But anyway here are some pictures of me doing the install. Enjoy. Also the scoop and washer bottle weighed 4lbs together (empty) while the stock bottle weighs 2lbs empty.

*The little rubber hose that allows the fluid to travel seems a little long now and is just dangling around in my roto-fab air box, gonna see if I can cut it a little to make it fit better.*
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