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Originally Posted by 2Muchmark View Post
Unfortunately you're right. I am HATING my camaro purchase experience. I plopped down $20k 4 months ago and have received Sweet A all from everyone at GM and the dealer about my car.

Now what? Cables are melting? Brakes need weights to be balanced? Window indexing issues? Leaking trunks?

I know we're all Camaro entusiasts here but my THRILL at grabbing this puppy has long gone. I'll be test driving this week (Mustangs, Chargers, 300z's, and 1-2 others and if I find a car that fits me, I'm buying it and driving it to my dealer and demanding my money back. (Let me know if anyone wants pics)
Cables - fixed within the first week of something happening
LMAO @ Brakes need Balanced...
Leaking TRUNK - that was a quality control issue were 1 person F'd up
First time I've heard of Window issue

How many problems have you had?
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