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Custom Painted Stripes Underway for Bumleb's Rally Yellow 2SS

Also featured on homepage.

Hey all, my first post here on this site. My wife (Bumleb) and I own the infamous 'battery cable' Camaro. The attached photos are of the very same vehicle that caused the recall. My sincere apologies to all whose orders have been delayed as a result, but it was in the interest of GM and your safety that we immediately reported, and posted, our unfortunate breakdown. On a more upbeat note, however, we have something to share that most should enjoy:

Stripes seem to be a hot topic for many, and since I haven't seen a Rally Yellow one custom painted yet, I thought it would be cool to share our Camaro's transformation (pun intended) with everyone here. I'd like to start by saying that the factory stripes look fantastic and congratulations to those who have had the stripes installed, your cars look awesome. In my case, my wife had originally ordered the stripe package (Oct 13 pre-order), but they turned out to be totally different from what we had expected. After some application difficulty on the first set of stripes, I declined to have it tried a second time and had the stripe package deducted altogether. The $470 is instead being applied to custom stripes according to my exact specs and expectations, and covers about a third of the custom paint job.

Since I haven't personally seen/measured Bumblebee's exact stripe dimensions, I had to come up with my own, which in a sense makes it truly custom and one of a kind. For those of you who would like some dimensions to use as a starting reference, or to tweak for their own use, here are the dimensions I am using, starting from the rear:

The trunk stripe starts at the rear window (continued underneath the lip actually) and painted to an even point under the mounting area of the spoiler. The side of stripe is 1/2" in from the side of the trunk line. The gap between the stripes is a consistent 8" which matches the gap on the hood at the windshield. The width of trunk stripe is the resultant of the outer and inner edges which is slightly more than 15" in total width. The lines are matched on the spoiler which is painted around the outer surface giving and ending in a nice clean tuck to the stripe.

The hood stripe beginning at window (from under lip) starts at 14" (main stripe width; 15" including outline stripes) and slightly tapers to 13" (again main stripe width; 14" including outline stripes) at the rounded corner on the fascia. This is wider than Bumblebee's at the fascia intentionally, in order to give a more prominent look to the stripe, and to give a similar bold and "buff" look that the wide stripe presents from the rear. The outer edge has slight, but not same, curve to follow lines of hood edge and cowl. The angle of the foward line matches up with the hood angle instead of the scoop angle as well. The gap between the stripes goes from 8" at the windshield to 7 1/2" at the fascia which is approximate the width of the front bowtie. The width of my stripes are the approx width between the parking lights and bowtie for aesthetic visual balance. Width of yellow gap and black stripe (painted) around each main stripe is 1/4".

All painted surfaces are removed and painted separately to give clean edges that continue to undersurface, and the entire surface will be double clear coated to give a smooth and glossy exterior. Additionally, the Chevy/SS emblems on trunk were removed to maintain a clean clearcoat finish.

Custom stripe project being performed locally by David Jones (owner) and his team of talented professionals at Jones Collision Center here in Lemoore, CA. Great bunch of guys who do awesome work!


More pics to follow when completed

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