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Originally Posted by blackTT600 View Post
So I keep hearing about these 2nd and 3rd gear pulls, what is the fastest yall have gone? above the factory limit? has it been removed?
On the TT in 3rd boost is up at about 45mph if I recall right. But I love to WOT when it's at 50-55mph that when it's REALLY flying. I have gotten up to 110 in third then into 4th fastest I have gone is 121. It's so fast and easy to reach I never needed to go any further. 1st & 2nd are so brutal and crazy I tend to TRY and stay out of it if I can . Boost is even nice in 6th gear, you punch it and it's in instant boost. But at a smoother rate and you won't know until you look at the dial to see that your flying.

And yes like Tracy said with the tune you are automatically limiter free. But if you don't already, get the proper tires for high speeds.
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