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Taken from later post...06-05-09

Okie Dokie.... we go w/ the paint.

Remember, this is NOT finished as we are still planning on changing out the wheels and adding a few more cosmetic items. This is a work IN PROGRESS.

Next step...

Figure out what color the bowtie should be. I'm thinking blue to match the pin stripes. We were discussing SS emblems in front and back. But, I'm not sure if we can get those done to actually fit the front grill. We'll see....

For now, I think Tom is going to tape off the front bow tie with blue tape so we can get a feel.

Now...the car is CGM. I wanted the contrast of bright on the dark. So, on came the Silver Ice Metallic. I've always loved the blue (similar to the Henessey type car) but didn't want blue hockey's. I wanted silver. In fact, this paint job is the opposite of my wife's SUV...funny. Her's is silver w/ dark it.

So, we used Silver Ice Metallic on the hockey's and on the center stripe. I don't know if you can really see it yet, but there are two clear coats with blue pearl added to it. That way, we get the blue flake in the paint just like the CGM.

The blue (GM 08 - Wave Blue Effect Metallic) was used for the pin stripes. This will also help to bring out the blue flake in the CGM and SIM. The pins are 1/8th in width. Anyway...enough of the talking. Check them out and enjoy!

Oh..and ya'll think blue on the bow tie? Or, chrome....or blue SS's or chrome SS's...sheooot...I can't make up my mind.


Oh...and picture #1 of the white Z28 (in disguise) was the inspiration behind this all...this is what I saw a year ago and what's been in my mind FOREVER....

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