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July 1st, 2009...

Registration, taxes, and license fees were paid on my car today. Total damage?....$2,255.68 at the tax office. Ugh....I hate taxes.

July 2nd, 2009...

Custom Sounds installs my Formula 1 window tint. 15% on the rear (I've had the limo for years and I'd finally like to be able to see out the back on this one...) and 30% on the sides. Yes...I actually decided to go legal.

Custom Sounds also takes a look at my trunk space. THIS is going to be a good one. We are going to have a ported subwoofer box built and installed for the trunk. They are going to wire the entire system and claim they can make this single speaker thump better than my previous 10 and 12 JL's TOGETHER. So, we'll see what they have to offer. I WILL be updating this thread/post for pictures of the install. I can't wait to see their work. This should be interesting.


Here's the install with pix I promised.

It's a custom box and it really is a good job. I was surprised at the quality of the box and the install. I gotta hand it to Custom Sounds. They really did a stellar job at the install.

The quality of the video is okay. The sound ok. The popping has to be the camera.

July 13th, 2009
As silly as this may sound, all you guys n' gals out there running around with stuff in your trunk will quickly figure out that the carpet just doesn't like to stay in place!

All that stuff slides from side to side any time you turn left or right. When that stuff slides, it slides the entire carpet. I opened my trunk to find my bags all the way on the left side of my trunk and all my carpet bunched up.



Talk about easy. Just run out to your local home depot, wal mart, target, etc. and pick up a couple small boxes of velcro. Lift up the carpet and line the bottom edges with the velcro cutting the strips to fit and then stick them the ones on the bottom in place. Take off the top sticky liner and simply drop the carpet in place securing it by pressing down firmly.

Pretty simple.

Cost?...$15.00 for one large box to cover the entire trunk.

Time?...5 min.

I have not had a problem with sliding carpet since...and it just pulls right out if I need to remove the carpet. I know it may sound silly like I already said. But, I don't like my stuff sliding back and forth in the trunk.
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