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V6 Camaro Dyno numbers are in!!

Also featured on homepage.

Just got back from the shop. The goal of the day was simply to get *baseline* numbers, so we can justify the real world gains of anything added to the car. Info below:

Dyno type: Mustang
Filter value: 33
Air temp: 78F
Humidity: 83% (ouch)
Car: 2010 Camaro
Engine: 3.6L V6 Direct Injection
Trans: 6L50 6spd automatic
Mod: Bone stock, right down to the plastic still on my carpet.
Octane: 87 (lol)

Best run:
246RWHP | 220lbs/tq

* Torque curve is basically flat from 2500 to 5800, dipping by the 6900 mark

* HP curve is a steady arc, flattening out right at redline

* Factory tune is PIG RICH , holding down in the 11.4 range through the bulk of the run. There is a good bit of power hiding in just a tune.

* We did a run w/ the AC on just for fun - you can see clearly where it was shut off. Lots of power loss at the accy :(

Overall, the numbers are spot on with their factory ratings through an automatic. The exhaust and intake is going to do wonders for the car. The over-rich tune from factory, and the high speed processing capabilities of the Motec ME9 are just begging this motor to be turbo/supercharged.

More to follow throughout the next week or so as parts start to trickle in


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