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Originally Posted by garcmol View Post
Hey, were you looking at my calculator???????

This, I believe, will be a "handling" track with a dash of speed. Definately not a triple digit road course.

These types of courses can really teach you what a car is capable of doing. It's also very taxing on the mind believe it or not. Roll in, roll out, late brake, slides, tire squeal, brake fade and on and on and on.

All the while your jaw is aching and you can't figure out why..... Permagrin

It feels like your lap lasted forever.....

It's only been 1 minute.....

You're faster than somebody.....

For anyone who has never run an autocross... It's SOOOOO much better than the 1320. Much harder on your car tho!

It is VERY intense. Most autocross events I've run in the C5 (vette) or the Camaro, you can really run the whole course in 1st usually. Shifting to 2nd was pointless, since you'd be back in 1st right away. With a speed stretch you can probably grab 2nd but just watch you don't get to hot!

Just sent... don't want to offend anyone.
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