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Originally Posted by OUR72GTO View Post
Jees ...will you guys do some research before you offer unknown facts.

1) CHECK on line Register of Imported Vehicles (RIV) to see if 2010 is on THE LIST.
2) GM Warranty goes with the CAR ...not the owner. ( SEE # 4)
3) To get a dealer in the USA to sell to you, the Car must have been registered/titled in some one's name with a USA address.(DEMO'S DO NOT Qualify)
4) FULL GM Warranty will COMMENCE in Canada at 6 months and 6000 miles.

The fee is 195.00 (plus GST) for RIV.
GST is due at the border. On the Canadian amount
PST is due after the federal inspection ( included in the RIV fee)

ALL the above applies to cars made in USA as well as CANADA, but then sold new in USA.

In 08, 60,000 vehicles were put thru RIV in just one month alone. It's not that hard and well worth the savings on certain models.
You need to heed your own advice....that's 12,000km or 7,200 miles
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