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Originally Posted by Yellow Camaro View Post
Did anyone else notice on the Pike heading towards Hopkinton, that there was a broken down yellow 70's Camaro on the side of the road? I thought it was kind of ironic, and if I had a radio I would have suggested we ALL stop to make sure he was ok which would have been classic.
Originally Posted by molloni View Post
We did notice him...and we did chatter about stopping, but it was well after we all drove by. No one realized what type of car it was until we were flying by him. Yea, stopping would have been nice. We wondered if he was going to the show, and if yes, whether or not he made it.
I wonder if this was him! He may have made it after all. I spotted this one in the video djb took while we were waiting to register. I want to say the one we saw was more yellow, but that was in the bright sunlight, and this is in the shade, but...
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