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Originally Posted by Ferrarimk13 View Post
is it me, or is the aftermarket scene for the 6 a tiny bit slow? i was expecting a lot more, but i guess not? I think the V6 is in more need of aftermarkets then the V8, but what do i know. Anyone know of some cheap brakes systems? or just slotted/drilled rotors that are decently priced?
The concept of high technology 6's in a US product is a relatively new concept on this side of the pond. However, it's a trend that is only going to increase over the next few years w/ all the cafe standards and gas price flux.

Give it time, or aid the cause by testing stuff on your own car

As for your brake question -- appears that the hubs are the same between SS and LS/LT, so the brakes should bolt right up (assuming you have the correct offset wheels to clear). I'm pulling off one of my calipers for measurements soon, I've got a feeling there are some replacements floating around from other bins that may be of use to us.
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