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TUSCON ZL1 just dropped his car off on friday for the 750+ package by ADM PERFORMANCE....

We have a great build to show here as well as the first AUTOMATIC Z that ADM has had the chance to make better.TUSCON ZL1 had a 2800 Stall converter installed prior to sending us the car

Here is the begining of the build:

Pre-dyno with bone stock tune,91 Octane from AZ and a TCS 2800 STALL as well as ADM COLD AIR INTAKE SYSTEM(Non Race Version)
Only a Maf Rescale Change was made to get the Airfuel as close to stock as possible.

The stock calibration showed peak power with 11.1 air fuel

The ADM Rescaled Maf and ADM COLD AIR INTAKE showed peak power at 11.48 air fuel
(We took it upon ourselves to Install the ADM Street Cold Air Intake System while it was strapped on the dyno. We were just curious to see if the gains would be the same as what we found in the manual car on 93 octane,the results were right on what we thought they should be based on the auto,converter,91 octane
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