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Originally Posted by angie7 View Post
Looks good!!!!

In other news I got an estimate to get my throttle body powder coated orange, $45, I dont think that is too bad. My only question is though that the guy told me that I would have to remove any gaskets or anything because they won't be able to withstand the heat and that got my thinking. Do I gotta remove the black part of the throttle body that holds all the gears and stuff too?

Edit: Talked to Rx Performance and they can paint my throttle body orange for $65. I know it is $20 more but I would trust them more than the other place plus I can just get the metal part painted orange and leave the black part black to have some really nice contrast. Stayed tuned. Also does anyone know the size of the bolts that go on the v6 throttle body? I wanna replace the stock ones with black ones.

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