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Paul -- I wanna see pics of the shoes with your car

Originally Posted by molloni View Post
Planning and organization my man! And a bunch of people so dedicated that we all want it to work!

Paul, just never forget those last few moments that we stood up there just basking in the glory of it all...I never will.

Also, I don't know how many of you on Facebook follow Dawns Camaro, but she posted the pic of the cars along the uphill curve on 495, as well as one of Jason's pictures of the circle. They are both getting a lot of attention! Folks are saying how they've tried formations (or "car art" as Tessa and I will now forever call it) with fewer cars and have either failed miserably, or it's taken forever to do anything simple. We on the other hand, aside from united1's early arrival for doing the layout marks, were done in just a little over an yea, WE ROCK!!!

You my friend, have earned your Captain hat & fannypack
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