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Elite Engineering PCV Oil Catch Can - 2010+ Chevy Camaro SS (6.2L LS3, L99)

MarylandSpeed is excited to now offer Elite Engineerings E3 catch can for the new Camaro SS manual with LS3 AND L99! All catch cans are available in Adonized Red, Silver, Black, and Blue standard with brass hose barb fittings. For an extra cost, you can upgrade to a chrome finish, or chrome barbs! Allow 2 weeks for shipment of any chrome options!

The E2 Elite Engineering PCV Oil Catch Can is designed to effectively separate oil from the crankcase vapors, thereby eliminating all negative effects of excessive intake system oil contamination. Elite Engineering PCV Oil Catch Cans have been engineered to remove the oil vapor before it has a chance to contaminate your intake system. Not all Catch Cans are created equally! Most Catch Cans on the market are just comprised of an empty container with 2 ports. While that simple design may trap a few oil droplets, Elite Engineering Catch Can is designed to condense the oil vapor and trap the oil inside the container. Our test proven design incorporates a stainless steel mesh and screening mechanism that acts like a maze to collect and condense the oil vapor. Once the oil vapors condense into liquid droplets, it falls to the bottom of the can. In addition, the top assembly is specially designed to keep any liquid from climbing out the exit hole during aggressive driving conditions. Stored oil volume is approximately 8 ounces. You will be amazed by how much oil our Catch Can will catch! Don't settle for an inferior competitor's product. Insist on Elite Engineering's Catch Can!

443-730-9428 - - Great Prices and Free Shipping!

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