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Originally Posted by atintpro View Post
I am quite surte it will throw a code as all 4 wheels have speed sensors as well. So, if the car sees the front wheels moving without the rears you will set the speed sensor and a check engine light. This also happens when you put a line lock in and do big burnouts like I do. So, unless you want to run with the check engine light on I would put them in.
Speed sensors and tpms sensors are different. Speed sensors are not in the wheels.

Originally Posted by Z69 View Post
If you put the sensors in and lower the air pressure your going to get a low tire pressure alarm anyways!!! I say run without the sensors. If you have issues with the PTM's I would use PVC container with the sensors inside pressurized to the right PSI
It's funny you say that. In my truck with new wheels I just put all 4 sensors inside my spare tire lol.

Also if you have extra wheels with sensors on them you have to reprogram TPMS every time you swap wheels so it will see the new sensors.
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