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Just got back from the track tonight and we did a little better. My wife managed to shave 0.2 seconds off her best time it seems. Both still having trouble with our 60 foot times though. Don't know if its because we are both running PZero All-Season tires. Also, on my last launch it felt like I ran over a speed bump, I'm thinking I had some wheel hop. I have BMR Subframe Bushing Inserts, so I may need trailing arms now.

Met a V6 Mustang owner that was running also. The one time I saw he ran a 14.1 sec. I talked to him and he had 3.73 gears, tune, manual trans, and a few other things. Was a cool guy, said if his wife had a Camaro he would be competitive with her like my wife and I are. He also recommended I put Lower Control Arms on the rear, said that the gears will make the live axle jump.

Overall, we both had fun.

Video of one of my runs. I wanted to get my Torque Track Recorder going, but I can't convert videos on it with the overlays. It looks like my car slides a little bit on launch.

Our time slips, my best run was the 2nd one, wife's was the last one (she wants to break into the 14 second range badly). We both had a 1/4 tank of gas, but I didn't change the air pressures. The DA was around 4200 starting out, then by the time we left it was around 3500. I was car #401, wife was #400.
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