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Originally Posted by NC-V View Post
I am Fabbing a brake and clutch res. out of aluminum for my CtS-V at the moment, just waiting on some fittings. Once done I am planning on the same for the Camaro. Maybe I can get up to visual impact performance systems (the place Nathan got the power-steering res. from) and see what they can do. hmmm
Kyle, we keep replacing parts and there's not going to be much left that came from GM, LOL.

Originally Posted by Farthestnorth View Post
Thanks bud, a lot of time and paint and work but it's well worth the end result! By the way i love that brake reservoir totally sweet!
Definitely a lot of time Tim and it shows in your results.

Speaking of time, I spent this morning working on the engine. Starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. After I'm done, I'm going to sand blast the whole engine.

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Started the front of the engine inside the timing cover area today, almost finish!

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