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To the guy that said there will probably be a camaro Z06...There will never be a camaro Z06!!! It is a performance code for the vette...has been since like the 60s. The guy who said that the 67-69 302 Z28 was entry level..Yes the SS had larger engines...but the Z28 was by no means entry level, you could get a base level camaro with a 307 and I belive a 350. the 302s were screemers. ask anybody who had one. they had close to 7k redline, were used for racing and the Z28 code was for camaro what Z06 was for corvette. The SS was a different look/attitude. Its like the dodge daytonas of the 80's, you could get a little 4 banger with a turbo or a much larger V-6...they were both about the same speed espeacially the turbo 1 without the intercooler. Its the 80's/90's that blurred the origonal meaning to rally sport and super sport. you couldnt get a camaro that wasnt an Iroc z28 or RS from 88-92...and from 98-02 the ss was just an LS1 from the Z28 with ram air and slp exhaust.
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