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Originally Posted by Betiwin View Post
Would a stage 2 negate the road course ability of the car. Seems heat soak is a problem already for one of the vendors. A ZL1 PP pack may need alot more than tune and pulley and CAI. Looks like major cooling upgrades may be needed (heat exchanger/intercooler, pump, radiator, TSTAT, tune to turn it all on earlier) and possible a remap of PTM software and MRC 3 to account for 80-90 more horse plus they have to make money and account for warranty issues that arrise. For a dealer to install all of those parts and the cost of the above this stage 2 to be done right will be 8-10k imop. Thoughts?
Don’t think it would be that much, remember, if it is a factory option, we wouldn’t have to buy all new parts. Rather, they would use the upgraded parts instead of the original (pulleys, radiator, pump, intercooler). So the increased cost would only be in the dealers cost increase from part A to part B. Tune/mapping should be no problem. If all the above parts are indeed needed for an extra 60 hp, I say it would be no more than $5-6k to the consumer. Now the problem would be the R&D in doing so. Obviously, all this would have to be extensively tested since its coming as an option from the factory.
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