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Schmidty's 2011 IBM Camaro 2LT/RS

When the warranty ran out on my 2005 BMW 525i I started looking for my next car. I immediately started building my own Camaro at I considered another car for a minute…but it was a quick minute as I was always drawn back to the Camaro. I couldn't be happier with my purchase and even today (one year later) I still get a thrill out of starting my car and taking her for a drive. Shout out to SoCal Camaro5 for their comradrerie, especially 2011Camaro and ChargedCamaro for helping with several mods!

Here is my 2011 Imperial Blue Metallic 2LT/RS Camaro. Built on March 11, 2011. Purchased on June 16, 2011. A list of all my current mods since my purchase are below these pics.

  • Window Tint
  • Flat Black Bezels
  • LED Sidemarkers (from Jonathan@AAC, Forum Sponsor)
  • Interior LEDs (from Jonathan@AAC, Forum Sponsor)
  • License Plate LEDs (from Jonathan@AAC, Forum Sponsor)
  • Plasma DRLs with Harness (from Jonathan@AAC, Forum Sponsor)
  • ColorSHIFT Halos (from Jonathan@AAC, Forum Sponsor)
  • ColorSHIFT Foglight Halos (from Jonathan@AAC, Forum Sponsor)
  • ColorSHIFT Grille Illumination (from Jonathan@AAC, Forum Sponsor)
  • Heritage Grille (from Orange10s.c., Forum Sponsor)
  • Havoc Spoiler
  • Technostalgia LED Tail Lights
  • Xenon Rear Body Scoops
  • Color Matched Antenna
  • Custom Fender Badges and RS Badge (from Lupe, Forum Sponsor)
  • Underhood Bowtie (from Emblempros, Forum Sponsor)
  • Underhood Bowtie (from EmplemPros, Forum Sponsor)
  • Radiator Shroud (from Emblempros, Forum Sponsor)
  • Cup Holder Delete Switch Plate (from Emblempros, Forum Sponsor)
  • Pulse Red Hood Spears and Accent Stripes Painted On (Covered with Flat Black Vinyl February 2013)
  • Custom Painted Engine Cover
  • Plasti-Dipped Wheels [I]
  • Matte Black Rear Fascia with CAMARO cutout and Trunk Lid Vinyl Set (from MnP Customs, Forum Sponsor)
  • Havoc Diffuser
  • Pfadt Springs (from ApexChase, Forum Sponsor)
  • RS Embroidery on Headrests
  • Street Scene Lower Grille with Ducts (Ordered from PFYC, Forum Sponsor)
  • Sparks Restoration RS Heritage Grille Emblem

  • MRT v2 Exhaust
  • Rotofab Intake (from ApexChase, Forum Sponsor)
  • ADM Scoop (from Juiced Motorsports, Forum Sponsor)
  • ICE-olater (from SC2150, Forum Sponsor)
  • Throttle Body (from SC2150, Forum Sponsor)
  • BBK Stainless Steal Long Tubes with Hi-Flo Cats (Ordered from Phastek, Forum Sponsor)
  • Catch Can (Ordered from SC2150, Forum Sponsor)
  • Pfadt Sway Bars (Ordered from Apex, Forum Sponsor)
  • Paddle Shifters (Ordered from Horizon670, Forum Sponsor)
  • Magnaflow Resonated X-Pipe (Ordered from Apex, Forum Sponsor)
  • SS Brakes with Granatelli Stainless Steel Brake Lines (Ordered from Ohio Speed, Forum Sponsor)
  • SS Brembo Brakes (purchased from a C5 Member)

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