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Originally Posted by Brokinarrow View Post
maybe the cars HP is underrated?
Always possible, if they aren't SAE certified....but most likely it's just the wonderful world of variables when measuring <X>.

If a 300bhp mustang GT laid down nearly 300lbs/tq stock, they'd be running a hellova lot faster times then they are. Easiest way to spot bullshit numbers is to review the quarter mile times associated with them. Take a look at ANY of these high numbers posted on forums, you'll immediately get "hmmm.. thats far higher than anyone else stock thus far" or "what type of dyno" as the first statements. Law of averages apply -- if the bulk of the cars run at XXX, and one runs noticeably higher, then the two most likley factors are 1) dyno operator error or 2) lying (even if they didn't mean to -- such as "Oh..I forgot it had a CAI, or exhaust was done when I got it...).

Nothing new Been down this road with everything from a 40hp Mini to twin turbo vipers man. Always take a graph as a glimpse into the power potential, but never an unequivocal measurement.
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