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Originally Posted by MadMaxx View Post
No, it isn't. 8% loss is greater than any production car, ever.

f you want to compare apples to apples... at 8% driveline loss, an SS camaro @ 426bhp should be damn near breaking the 400rwhp mark out of the box (392rwhp at 8%). As well all know, it doesn't

Feel free to find me examples of this though...provided you actually understand the metric of which you are posting...which as of right now, you don't seem to be getting.
so how do you explain s197 dyno numbers constantly in the 270-280's? the dyno numbers are so normally in the 270-280's people dont even go crazy over it anymore. research to your hearts content i dont want to post info and you thinking it's fake or bias, you are capable of finding out for yourself
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