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Cured from V8 Bug

As stated on my "humiliated" thread yesterday, I was stricken by the v8 power craze after noticing substancial difference in low end response of a v8 Sequioa 4.7L w/ 240 hp and 315 torque, vs my 1LT v6. It really made me wonder about what an SS would feel like, and so I went to local dealer to c if it was possible to trade for an SS. The deal sucked for me, but the tought of the V8 power festered within.

Thanks to fellow members, I was able to get a grip for now, lol. Big thanks to those that suggested the nitrous route, "spray the pig", lol. Seems like the best option, because this way I have the fuel efficiency of my v6 (one of the reasons I got it in first place), but can hit the "75 shot" switch and get the A6 SS power whenever needed, and for only around $600-$800, depending on kit.

In mean time, will continue to upgrade exhaust and get a ported tb to help performance a bit, and add that spray afterwards to top off.

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