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So much for 2013, the results are in. We are in a HP disadvantage which is the only thing we were trumped at. LSA hasn't been physically upgraded from it's inception. I don't want to go off topic. 2cnd chance has a valid point about Ford's raw approach to doing battle. Shall we follow a more pugilistic doctrine and pour on the power, and not worry about EPA surcharges? Damn the torpedo's, full speed ahead... May I ask what's on the table for '14? What will Ford do to up the anty, more HP? Improve brakes? Improve suspension? Perhaps. They can't go much farther in the HP department, and we have much room growth in that area due to LS engines being underpowered as produced from the factory. Chassis, suspension, steering etc.. we have have an edge with, and should be able to keep it going forward. Get the Chevy Skunk Works to tweak an LS7 and put in a L28/Z28 platform and stay track oriented without adding on items to please everyone across the consumer market in order to get weight down a bit?
I gotta say, there's nothing like the winding, screaming sound of a beefed up LS7. That's HP music. Back in the day the 1.5 HP to 1 cubic inch was the racers goal with N/A motors as I recall. Can you imagine that if we could get N/A LS7 at 640 HP? Yes I could....
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