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Originally Posted by Henry G. View Post
I've had to teach a few import owners lately (2 about 15 min ago) some respect for Chevy. The Camaro and LFX in particular are highly under-estimated IMO. Exhaust and intake make a very nice improvement in power as well.
All I need is some decent tires. Chevy should be ashamed putting those POS BF Craprich tires on the 1LT, what a joke, I cant wait to get rid of them once they are worn out.
As far as the humiliated stuff, I test drove an auto and it was a dog compared to my manual. SO...make sure you are not shifting too early, as you not only will miss the best part of the power band but dump yourself into the next gear early and below the powerband. This engine likes to rev, the torque is actually really good IMO, but 4k-6500 is where its at fun/power wise.
Thanks Henry! Unfortunately, I have the auto v6 1LT, and it does feel "like a dog" vs the v8 SUV accelaration and snap, and how seemingly easy it gets up to speed. Have not driven stick in like 9 yrs, and don;t really want to, but man, the shift points gotta be off on the A6, 'cause it just doesn't feel like it shifts at best points.

Best option is to try paddle shifters on Sport mode. Tried that, but again, the car wants to shift around 2000rpm, or 7-10mph increments! However, I;ve read that the manuals shift around 4-5000 rpm range! So again, perhaps the A6 shift points are a bit off?

The answer: some will say, "get a trifecta tune!" Really? Why should I be spending 300-400 on a tune to make my car feel right? We shouldn't need to do that. It's like GM really went conservative on the parameters of the v6, and it sure can do better.
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