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Originally Posted by Angrybird 12 View Post
When you put the shifter in M it's in sport mode until you use the paddles then it is in manual mode. If you are using the paddles you deside when to shift. Mine never shifts up when using the paddles at 2000rpm unless I do the shifting.
ABird-you're right. Funny thing is that when I paddle shift in Sport mode, the car seems to like to shift around the 2000rpm mark, and 8-10 mph increments. For example, shiting from 1st to second, around 10mph, and around 2000 rpm, it already seems to want to get into 2nd, and so that's when I shift to 2nd, m2, then around 20mph, around 2000rpm, it's ready for 3rd, etc. I've tried shifting around the 3000-4000 rpm range and it seems over-revved, for some reason? This is for an A6. Seems like manuals are a bit different.

When paddle shifting, around what rpm range are you shifting?
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