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Originally Posted by Yohan View Post
ABird-you're right. Funny thing is that when I paddle shift in Sport mode, the car seems to like to shift around the 2000rpm mark, and 8-10 mph increments. For example, shiting from 1st to second, around 10mph, and around 2000 rpm, it already seems to want to get into 2nd, and so that's when I shift to 2nd, m2, then around 20mph, around 2000rpm, it's ready for 3rd, etc. I've tried shifting around the 3000-4000 rpm range and it seems over-revved, for some reason? This is for an A6. Seems like manuals are a bit different.

When paddle shifting, around what rpm range are you shifting?
It really depends on the type driving I am doing but never under 3000rpm, I would say under normal driving around 4,000. It really makes the car peppier.
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