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Originally Posted by Yohan View Post
SimpleGreen & AngryBird: maybe you're right! Guess since I've been focused on getting good mpg, I might be driving it a bit conservative. I've notived that the car's mpg ave suffers most from 0-40 mph, accelerating from stop to around 4th gear--it eats up gas in that range, but after that it's great with mpg.

Be right back boyz---I'll be taking my 1LT for a little spin and try the sport mode paddle shifting in the 3-4k rpm range and see what happens.

Perhaps this car just likes more agressive driving. That's cool, but I don't want 20mpg avg, EITHER---for that I'll rather have a v8, lol.

Don't even worry about the paddles. Just let her ride in 'M' and shift auto. Just don't act like the go pedal is an egg shell. I'm averaging 25MPG and I'm not by any means the slow car on the road.
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