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Well, just came back from little experiment drive. Started my stealth fighter up, and looked through my CD case, popped in Alter Bridge, "Ties that Bind", turned vol up, and hit the road on Sport mode, no paddles.[ Reset mpg avg MPG and then blasted some Creed, "Bullets".]

Took a trip around city, 10 miles. Avg speed was 22 mph (stopping, slowing down, etc). Had about 5 stop signs, 5 traffic lights. This time I accelerated more agressively, aroround 2500-3000 rpm untill I got to 45-50mph, and then "coasted" keeping it around 1200 rpm, and man, this car loves it. Great combo. Had to pass a slow a$$ truck in front of me slowing everyone down, and crossed 2 over-passes (uphill).

Looked at my avg MPG DIC, and 24.1 mpg avg

Amazing for a city drive! From now on, will only drive in Sport mode

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