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Originally Posted by Z Madness View Post
Thanks guys. Sorry, haven't been active on the boards. Mad props to Tracy though, he's putting together some sick builds. I hope all C5 V-6 owners gives him a first look he is the only vendor to really come through.

Still have the car. Over 2 years now and only 2500 miles though. Kinda stopped driving it last year. Keep waiting on fueling issues to be solved. Its still a fun car though, and I have the M6 with 3.73 gearing. First gear is kinda a waste though, she'll just light up the tires and then its a quick shift to second. But from there its pretty damn fun! May ship the car to Maui to my brothers so I can run it at the 1/4 mile track there. What's been the latest on FI 1/4 mile times? Anyone break 11's? Gretchen I hope?
Nice to see you back! HDRS still has the best time so far (11.8), but I'm gunning for him at CFest III . Before these last mods it should have been in the 11s but the suspension and alignment need some tweaking. With slicks/skinnies it would have been there for sure. Now, I'm worried I'm going to run faster than 11.5 and get kicked off the track (no roll cage, yet). I think I'm going to just run the DRs and if it looks like I can run the slicks without breaking 11.5 I swap them. I'm sure HDRS will have something cooked up as well, and Cant_C_Me is right there with us. It should be a very interesting August.
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