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Report Date: May 27, 2009
CG1: 1st Generation Camaros 14
CG2: 2nd Generation Camaros 6
CG3: 3rd Generation Camaros 30
CG4: 4th Generation Camaros 99
CG5: 5th Generation Camaros 7

PG1: 1st Generation Firebird/Trans Am 6
PG2: 2nd Generation Firebird/Trans Am 8
PG3: 3rd Generation Firebird/Trans Am 22
PG4: 4th Generation Firebird/Trans Am 79

DOM: Domestic Non-FBody Vehicle 16
IMP: Import Non-FBody Vehicle 0

Not too shabby. The above 5th gen count does not include any Camaros that Scott Settlemire, Cheryl Pilcher, John Fitzpatrick, and Al Oppenheiser will be bringing. All I know is they plan to have "various models and colors"

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