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how about that?!?!?! there's 2 of them in this parking lot. I was staring at one, waiting for it to pull out...and then the other one popped out from behind it! do it in slow mo...or pause it as soon as the other one peeks it's nose out...and you'll see they're exactly the same.

nice vid.... i just can't wait until they finally get rid of the auto-zone headlights.

another thing i've found to be pretty different between the concept and prepro... is the line on the rear fender. there's that sharp line in the middle of the door (on the concept) which maintained that crisp line to the fender well, and from what I'm seeing on these pics this week, is seems like that line has been muted. not a big fan of that...because I love the sharp angles this beast has/had everywhere...and now they're softening that look... :-(
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