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Originally Posted by SIXJAK View Post
After much waiting-some self inflicted, some not, I got the call today at about 4:40CST from RX informing me that they indeedwere shipping my kit and were needing to confirm my shipping address.

The moment is here I guess. I am excited and apprehensive and yet I'm having such bipolar thoughts and emotions. Is this normal? Maybe not. I just have a lot to explain to the wife when it arrives. The "Power Charger" (she's so cute) is her gift to me but she's waiting on her inheritance money from her father who passed away several months ago. It's tied up in probate because some i's weren't dotted and t's not crossed.

Prior to a Tornado hitting in Branson I had stockpiled away some cash (honey don't know money) for this mod. A friend who was hit hard needed some cash so I loaned him what I had. he paid me back in less than 2 months and as he paid me back I sent it to Tracy to pay for my SC kit to get the ball rolling thinking that by June at the latest my wife would be getting her money. And voila I'd have a SC plus enough money to properly pay to play should something like a motor break. Still waiting on that money Gaaaaaaaah. I know, "Cool Story Bro!"

I'm trying to rationalize to myself but I'm not sure it's working. We're going to Disneyworld next month and my wife is shoving money away for that on top of trying to finish a downstairs remodel. So a bit of dilemma.

The OD pulleys are still not in so I am debating as to whether I should just wait until my OD pulley ships to do the install. My car is also used as a show car of sorts to promote my business and if it's out of commission too long the other owners (my bros) will begin to make comments and when they begin to make comments, I become defensive. And when I become defensive, a DIRECTV-ish cataclysm of events may occur.

I'll keep you all posted. As the saying goes: "_______ about to get real."
I know the feeling!!! I was all excited about buying my methanol kit... BUT, then it was time to install it... and then I started thinking "What the hell am i doing..." and was very nervous about it... almost called it off!! UGH!!! I break the wife's car.... OMG... yeah... you know where that's going! LOL!

BUT, i did what I recommend everyone that is doing this kind of level of mods do... You need to have a Plan B and the means to execute it! While I have no doubt you will most likely have miles and miles of trouble free driving with the SC kit... you do need to at least think about a Plan B in case the worst happens... I did that with Scott from MRT. We came up with a Plan B and a figure to fund Plan B... just in case...

It's actually GOOD thing that you are second guessing things! That tell me you are thinking things through! I mean let's talk about the elephant in the room... What happens if the unthinkable happens and you break your motor? How long will your car be down? Do you have at least another vehicle you can use while your car is down? Will you be hanging out with Charlie Sheen, reenacting scenes from "Platoon"?

What bothers me is the young guy, whose car is there only vehicle, living pay-check to pay-check, who wants to finance a turbo or SC for their car...
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