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Originally Posted by R1jamn View Post
Yes, GM is reading and absorbing/digesting what potential buyers desire in the next Z/28 and entire Camaro family for that matter.

I do not share the enthusiasm as many on here that the next Z/28 should be built with the LS7. But I do understand their enthusiasm.
Please keep the LS7 out and away from the Z/28 though.

Personally, I am ready to see some changes to the Camaro.
Body style is good, but I would like to see it get slimmed down.
Just needs to be a little leaner and meaner.....Just a little.

The dash, however, does not reflect the sporty race stature that I desire.
Yes the dash is in line with the retro styling, but it is dated.
The square box looking frames around the tach and speedo have a nice radius in the corners but they are still boxy squares to these old eyes.
The dash needs to go and I mean GONE!!!!

I'm waiting patiently GM. IMPRESS ME!!!

BTW, I'm also the one who is requesting the "Million Dollar Red" color.
NO TINCOAT!!!!!! NO Metallic!!!!!!
Just a nice deep sexy red with all black interior.
I've got the money and the time. The balls in your court GM.
I find it interesting that so many people with a low post count and clearly not a good understanding of what has transpired on the Z/28 forum for the last two to three years, as well as a post full of details that pertain for the most part to Camaro in general rather than a Z/28, somehow think they need to jump into this forum and tell us what should and shouldn't be.
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