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I'm thinking the key is making sure the tune is really ready for aggressive driving. If the tune has the car doing mid to high 11s for AFR, then I think the engine should be pretty happy. What makes me nervous is seeing some guys driving hard when their tune is not quite ready for it.

Amazingly, we still have not really seen any blown engines or transmissions due to the extra power at the standard boost levels. (well, one engine did go boom, but we all found out the tune was not ready to handle the psi he was throwing at it). So that is why I feel for the basic 5 - 6psi setup I think these engines/powertrains will last a lot of miles. But I think we have yet to see how all the components hold up when we really start pushing these things 8 - 10 or more psi.

I feel like if I was purchasing one of these kits I'd probably stick with the basic 5 - 6 psi at the beginning for awhile for a few reasons: 1) the tune seems to be ready....although it seems that the higher psi tune isn't far away from being fine as well. 2)It would still give me a lot more power and staying at this level for a while gives me more headroom for another upgrade in power down the road if I want it. 3) Staying at the lower boost levels would also give me the chance to see you other pioneers going into higher boosts and learn from your experiences/issues before I went there.

But that is just me. I realize when spending that much money, it makes the most sense to get as much power as you can, but I'm usually easily satisfied lol.
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