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Originally Posted by SIXJAK View Post
Yep you're so right (and why does the forum look so ghey right now? I certainly hope this isn't a permanent change.)
My main concern is getting into a situation where I'm chasing my tail trying to find the right tune along with the current shortcomings associated with data logging and getting an update in a timely manner.

I do have my truck to drive should the unthinkable happen and a Scion xB in storage should the truck go down as well. And if those options tank on me then i can bum rides off my wife, LOL.

And if my wife would ever get her money, then I've got that buy a new motor should it go kaboom. Otherwise I'm back to rat-holing.

Wanting that Razzi body kit and to do some interior/exterior lighting mods and maybe some cams and ported heads. Something tells me the more porting done the better this motor will sound. Ported IM helped a bit.
Good... sounds like you've been doing a good job thinking things through... But your right on the money about the tuning... i see that becoming the systems Achilles heel...
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