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Originally Posted by scrming View Post
Good... sounds like you've been doing a good job thinking things through... But your right on the money about the tuning... i see that becoming the systems Achilles heel...
It certainly has the potential to. But I think Tracy is a pretty smart guy and it sounds like some other tuning options are emerging that he already has relationships with that he can tap into. No disrespect to Trifecta, but they seem to be in the position where they can't keep up with the demand.

Vince is a great guy and has worked his tail off to help us V6ers. He's just gotta figure out a way to get his products ands services out to the masses in a manner that satisfies demand and his own quality standards which I know are high and protect his intellectual property. No small task indeed.

IPF though it currently has less tuning options seems to be a well thought out tune if you're just doing axlebacks with your SC. Hopefully some fences can be mended and they could possibly step up and fill a void as well. It's the same head unit though the piping is different. Not sure how that all affects the tuning process though.
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