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Originally Posted by Kimosen View Post
The way it works is that every dealership gets a certain allotment of cars. A waiting list occurs when the dealership has more orders for these cars than it has allotments.

For example, our dealership has no waiting list to order a 2008 Corvette Z06, or C6, but the dealership down the street does. This is because our dealership has a larger allotment of cars than they do. Simple as pie.

So how does this relate to the Camaro? It basically means that if there is a waiting list, there will be no cars on the lot. The only exception would be if a dealership wanted a Camaro to "show", which was not for sale. Otherwise, until the waiting list is tapped out, there will be no Camaros on the lot.

Hope this clears things up.

That's pretty clear and to restate allocation basically transends the entire line. Chevrolet wants every dealer to have the vehicle when it's first produced, however if a dealership doesn't sell any Corvettes why should it get allocation for any. It's a little different on new models but you should get the idea of allocation and how it works. Allocation for the Camaro will be no different but you can be sure it will be based on the sales of previous year, what vehicle is uncertain but maybe something like Corvette, Impala SS or even previous 2002 Camaro Sales.

I think the best strategy is to build the relationship with your Chevy Dealer so that when your ready to buy they will be better prepared to assist you, instead of being a number on a waiting list
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